Status Update 22/11/2020

You may (or ay not) have noticed, development has come to a halt for the past few weeks, I’m writing here to announce that I an not dead and I did not forget about any of my projects. With the lockdown, university and general motivation going down it is very rare to find myself in the mood to bash my head at a monitor. But worry not because I still have many ideas for new projects and impovements to existing ones, it’s just that I really don’t find the time to develop that much. During this time I’ve been trying to make an userspace audio device for ALSA, this is the first building block for my next big project. I did not do anything else in the background as I reaaly want to focus on this for the moment and due to the lacking documentation about this sort of stuff, it is taking longer than I have anticipated. To be honest tough I have been playing a lot of modded minecraft and overwatch during this period, something I did not do when I was pushing something everyday.

As of when I will get back on track I’d say in february at least, the holydays are coming and that brings exams. Studying is becoming really hard and the load is non trivial to say the least, so during this session I doubt I’ll have time to develop. That said if I do not manage to pass most of the exams I have due I sincerely doubt I’ll have the motivation to develop anyways so I better focus on uni at the moment. After february I have plans to get a PineBook Pro so I can test all my programs on an ARM architecture as I feel that this industry should shift more towards RISC instruction sets. I foresee myself focusing more on making my environment truly my own and to do so I have the rest of my project ideas left, I will write more on that another time. I’d also like to invest time in hardware project as I’m studying Electronic Engineering and that would be a waste to not use my skills in the sector, so if anyone is interested (which I doubt there even is anyone reading) expect something in the following months.

Please consider donating, I know it’s lame, but I need it just for a confidence bost, hell even a friendly email would cheer me up in this dire situation.

Have a good day