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About me

I’m an electronic engineering student with a passion for electronics and free software, I like to develop my own stuff and often over-analyze useless things. Here you will find some of my thoughts, projects and stuff I do to justify wasting my time.

If you’d like to see what I’m up to there are links to my git repositories in the header, I advise to look at the Gitea link because it is my self-hosted git server and my Github is in a state of abandon. For any questions my email is in the footer of every page.

This website is statically generated using rivet, my own static site generator written in POSIX compliant sh and based on lowdown. I generate and upload everything using a makefile and rsync, to see the whole thing in action take a look at this site’s repository, maybe even issue a pull request if you (for some reason) want something published here.


2021-11-12 - ThinkPad x301 Restoration: Software

2021-10-25 - Unofficial ALSA API documentation part 1

2021-10-25 - Unofficial ALSA API documentation part 2

2021-10-25 - Size in loc of common software

2021-10-25 - Programs someone should make

2021-10-25 - ThinkPad x301 Restoration: Hardware Mods

2021-10-25 - ThinkPad x301 Restoration: Paint-job

2021-10-25 - ThinkPad x301 Restoration: Preamble